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    Open Presenter Content on iPad in Mobile App Automatically

    Bob Mack 94536

      Hello -


      Is it possible that anyone using a browser on an iPad could get  re-directed to the App to view content automatically when clicking on a  link within a website? Or, if the App is not on the device, could they  get re-directed to the App download page on iTunes?


      I have had great success recently in publishing content from Presenter 8 to an Adobe Connect server and using it with the Presenter Mobile App for iPad. However, the need to manually enter the url each time a user wants to open a presentation seems awkward.


      It seems to me that this was mentioned on an Adobe webinar as an available feature, but it doesn't seem to work that way. For example, I have the App on my iPad, but when I try to launch Presenter 8 content from a link on a website, I simply get to a screen asking me to install Flash.


      Any insight is much appreciated!


      Bob Mack