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    Printing text in Gray color

    Phoenix_Guru Level 1



      I have forms which are  printing all the grey color text in dark black, on xerox printers. When the output is of PS type, it works all well and good, but for PCL, it is printing all black.


      I have been using hppcl5c.xdc for PCL. Do I need to have a xerox XDC? If yes, where can I get it or what changes do I need to make to the HP XDC in order to make it work?




      Is there probably a specific property that needs to be changed in order to get the Gray text printed gray instead of black?


      Is there anything else that I am probably not doing right?







      Here is my XDC if you need:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <?xfa generator=