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    Resizing on html page

    JulesN Level 2

      I have created an animation with a stage size of 1000px wide by 321px high. When I insert it into Dreamweaver using the Insert > Media > Edge Animate Composition, it resizes to 1020 by 341, then when I play it online on Safari, it looks OK, but on FireFox it sort of shows a "blip" of the larger file, briefly. Just want to know where the extra 20px are coming from? Why would it add the extra 20? If I change the sizing back to 1000x321, it acts normal in both Safari and FireFox... no more blips.


      Is this a bug?  If so, is there anywhere I can report it?  I went to the bug report page and Edge Animate doesn't show up on the drop down list.