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    Problem Jumping to Timeline Markers


      I have looked and can't find another post with this information, so I thought I'd throw it out there and see what I get...


      I am working on a timeline of out company's work through the past 20 years. I have the base mechanics down by making a "rough layout".




      Going back and forth between "years" (noted as large 1,2,3,4 text blocks) is fine by using the arrows at the bottom.


      My problem is that I'd like to be able to jump to any year from any year. So I added the numbers buttons to go to the marker for that year.


      Here's the script I'm using to do that (in this case I'm going to the label "two"):



      // stop the timeline at the given position (ms or label)


      The problem is that I want it to play the timeline to the number I've selected. So if I'm on "4" and click on "1" I want it to scroll through 3 and 2 to get to one.


      Make sense?


      Any ideas?