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    Some simple interface questions




      I have been using Edge for a couple months now. some of it is incredible. the play from and stop at functions in particular.


      It has issues for sure though.


      While I worked I wrote down some interface questions.


      1. In the Library, how can I see what anything actually is? I don't see thumbnails or a way to click into the symbols or pngs.


      2. Is there a place to see all the code I'm working with on the project? I have code scattered through out my keyframes and it would be awesome if there was 1 place that had it consolidated.


      3. When choosing text colors is it possible to eye drop from pixels on the stage?


      4. Can you take a poster image from inside of a symbol or does it have to be what's happening on the main stage? Alternatively, can I get images exported out from places in the time line? I want screen caps of whats going on in my subclips.


      5. Is there a way for symbols to be names automatically? if it would just keep the png name for the symbol and the layer I'd be set. but as it is I'm having to do a lot of typing and it becomes tasking and inelegant.


      6. From the Assets, can I right click on an imported png and make it into a symbol? or do I have to drag it onto the stage first and then make it a symbol.



      Serious Bugs:


      1.  I've had the stage not update when new items are added to it. Edge had to be restarted.


      2. I've had the publish settings dialog box get locked up on me several times. Edge would still function behind the dialog box, but the publish stuff would not go away.



      Thats it for now. Thanks,



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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, John-


          We're actively working on the next version of Edge Animate, so all of this feedback is great.  Let me address some of your questions:


          1. We do have some icons to view what type of assets are in the library, e.g. image icons when the line as an image, symbol icon if the item is a symbol.  However, there is no way for you to introspect them right now, though you can view an asset in its directory by right clicking on it.


          2. Yes.  You can use the code panel to view all of the code in tree format, and if you really want to see all the code, there's a button in the upper right hand corner that says "full code."  You can also view all events on a symbol or the Stage by clicking on those lines in the code panel.


          3. We don't have an eyedrop function in 1.0.x, though it's certainly an item in our list of feature requests


          4. No, it's a snapshot of what is happening on the main stage at that particular time.  You can get images from various places in the timeline - you can take poster images from the main timeline by moving the playhead in the timeline panel, then capturing the poster image from the stage's properties panel.


          5. Symbols will be named automatically, but not based on a custom symbol prefix, if that's what you're asking.


          6. Not at the moment, no; you'll need to make it an element before creating a symbol.



          Regarding your bugs, can you please post some sample files that reproduce the problem?  We can look into it then.





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            iUtopia Level 1

            thanks for getting back with me.  this code view is great and I'm very glad to know where it is.


            I think it would be huge if you could find a way to help in naming the symbols and things so its not some big process of having to manually type all that stuff. if it could just be tied to the pngs files name we wouldn't have to name the instance, name it on the stage, name the layer itself and name some other thing.


            its a lot of typing. I want to work. click and keep my right hand on the mouse, not typing all day, or I end up with a bunch of unnamed layers and stuff.



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              jbowden Adobe Employee

              Hi there,


              Edge Animate doesn't yet offer any classification of symbol types - in EA, any managed element (div created by EA tools or imported images), or any combination of multiple managed elements can be made into a symbol. It's just one type after that: a symbol.


              However, Edge Animate will auto-name the symbol when you create it ("Symbol_1", etc.) - but you can change the automatic name in the symbol creation dialog before you commit it, or rename it later in the Library. Therefore, if you named it after your PNG file, such as "myImage", any instances you add to the comp would be auto-named in this fashion: "myImage", "myImage2", "myImage3", etc. In any case, there will never be unnamed layers when adding instances or other elements to an Animate comp.


              Hopefully this info will save you some typing.




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