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    Adding a newline character in concat method


      I am trying to create a txt file in UNIX environment and building a string using concat method.  The requirement is to insert a new line between the string value.  I tried the following but nothing seems to work.


      1. concat("FirstLine","\n","SecondLine);
      2. concat("FirstLine","\\n","SecondLine);
      3. concat("FirstLine","/\n","SecondLine);
      4. concat("FirstLine","&#xA","SecondLine);
      5. concat("FirstLine","&#x0A","SecondLine);
      6. concat("FirstLine","&#xD","SecondLine);
      7. concat("FirstLine","&#x0D","SecondLine);
      8. concat("FirstLine",CHAR(10),"SecondLine);
      9. concat("FirstLine",Char(10),"SecondLine);


      attempts 1-7 concatenated the string into only one line.  Attempts 8,9 threw an error saying "CHAR" or "Char" is not a valid method.  Can anyone help me out with this?


      Thanks a lot