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    Selecting Target Video/Audio track


      I apologize if there is already a forum for this question but I was wondering if there is a keyboard shortcut function to change which video track is the target track. I know all the shortcuts for 'arming' the target, or sequence tracks and/or the source video, I'm curious though if there is a way (something like shift+alt+7 (or whatever your track hotkey is)) so that you can select the track that source video will overlay or insert onto without having to use the mouse to select it the track (either by dragging or right-clicking)


      Perhaps if not directly selecting a track there is a command that is 'select next track' or 'select previous track'? I've tried looking for it in the keyboard shortcuts menu and can't quite seem to figure it out.


      I use a custom layout that is a bit of a mix between the Avid standard and Premiere 5.0 standard. It would be awesome if someone could direct me to the shortcut menu and/or command(s) I'm looking for so that I can set it myself. Or else just let me know that I'm trying to bark up a tree that doesn't actually exist.



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          shooternz Level 6

          I use my Number Keys (1-8) for Toggle Target Track shortcuts to each of those video Layers  and Shift-1-8 for Audio.


          Works great for me.


          I use 9  and Shift 9 to Target ALL Video Tracks On/Off


          These are all in the Keyboard Shortcut Menu waiting to be customised.

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            J_Heffernan Level 1

            I do something similar but that is for the sequence layers, I'm wondering no how to turn those on or off but rather how to change which one is the target layer which new material will be place on. For example, even if you have Video layer 1 'turned on' but the target video is set to layer 2 and you set an In and Out in your source moniter and then hit the overwrite key, whatever was on Layer 1, if anything was there, just gets deleted but the material from your source moniter doesn't get added (or it gets place on Video Layer 2 if that was also turned on).


            So I want to be able to choose, with the keyboard, which video layer is my target layer.

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              shooternz Level 6

              So I want to be able to choose, with the keyboard, which video layer is my target layer.


              Maybe I did not understand the original question


              Thats what I thought I provided an answer to.  Its the way I do it.  (Targeting Layers in Sequences)


              I dont understand your reply.



              I have a Clip in the Source Monitor.  Mark In/Out  ("I"  "O")


              I want it at playhead  in Video 2 and Audio 3.  ( Toggle Shortcut "2" and "Shift 3")


              Insert or Overlay using short cut keys. ("," or  ".")

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                J_Heffernan Level 1

                You're absolutely right, I do the same thing. But for it to actually go on Video 2 and Audio 3, not only do those Sequence tracks need to be toggled they also have to be set as Source Video and Source Audio 3 (or whichever source Audio you want) on the far left area of the timeline panel. If the Source Video is set on Sequence Video 1, your video will not appear, but rather an erase occurs on Sequence Video 2 the length of video set by your In and Out in the Source monitor and, if Sequence Video 1 is toggled that is where the video will appear. This is how you can both delete video on one track and place video on another at the same time.


                If however you have dragged the Source Video 'icon' up to Sequence Video 2 (or right clicked on Sequence video 2 on the far right and selected 'Set as Source Video) your Video will now appear on the track you desire.


                Similarly, whichever Source Audio track is assigned to Sequence Audio Track 3 is the Source Audio which will be placed on Sequence Audio Track 3.


                Pretend that you have a  LAV Mic in Audio 1 of your Source Footage and a Shoe Mic on Audio 3 of your source footage, which sounds bad. For whatever reason, you want that Lav mic to be placed on Sequence Audio Track 3. You must set the Source Audio 1 to Sequence Audio 3 on your timeline.


                So my question is: Is there a way to move which Sequence Video Track is assigned as the Source Video with keystrokes.


                If this still isn't clear I might just make a video when I get home of what I mean. I apologize for any lack of clarity in my querry

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                  J_Heffernan Level 1

                  The Source Video is marked if a 'V' to the left of the track that is set to take on whatever video you Overlay or Insert from the Source Monitor, i.e. Video 1 or Video 2 or whatever. Those are the Sequence Tracks (or Target Tracks as they are reffered to in the Keyboard Shortcuts menu).


                  Likewise the Source Audio tracks are marked as 'A1', 'A2', 'A3', etc.


                  These can all be moved and also toggled just like the Sequence Tracks.


                  I'm trying to move the Source Video, not select or de-select the Target Video Tracks.

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    I see what you are doing now and understand/


                    What is your source footage BTW?  Obviously it is multi tracked audio.


                    Generally I manage my audio tracks from the camera in a simple / different way ...so this does not become an "issue' for me or a complex requirement in editing workflow .


                    Basically ...I map it so I have Stereo (two tracks - 2 mics), or Split the Tracks out to Monos.


                    Then I deal with it in the Sequence if need be.

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                      J_Heffernan Level 1

                      Yeah, doing this to the audio becomes a lot more complicate but it was easier to demonstrate what I was trying to convey with that. Becuase there is only ever one Source Video, I would think you would be able to move it around without the mouse. If you can't I think you should, that seems like a big gap in the Premiere workflow.


                      It would become really valuable for adding B-Roll, B-Cam, and/or GFX at the same time to different tracks for organization purposes.


                      Right now I'm working with P2 Footage for a TV Pilot. All the footage is linked to master audio files that have 4 different stereo tracks (Two shoes, one for each camera, one Lav, and a Boom).


                      But again, if I could also move around the Source Audios that would be great because it helps a lot for mastering later if you can arrange the audio on different tracks within the timeline. The tracks would be organized by quiet audio, loud audio, music, SFX and ambient. That way, once you get everything on one track close to the same level, near the end of the project, to master the whole thing you can just adjust one slider in the audio mixer and adjust an entire track at once.


                      That project is just on the side though, at my day job I also do a lot of adding presentation slides to videos of conferences and want this function tso I can go back and forth between my A-roll of the conferences and a track dedicated to the presentation slides.