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    Acrobat X Pro pdfmaker not working in Office 2013

    gdborek Level 1

      It shows up as an add-in in Outlook 2013 but if you check the box a message appears saying "not loaded - a runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM addin"


      It also shows as a loaded add-in in Word 2013 and Excell 2013, but doesn't show on the ribbon.


      Nuance PDF Converter add-in shows on the Ribbon for Word 2013, Excel 2013, and Outlook 2013, so its not as if Office 2013 is incompatible with pdf converter software.


      I'm guessing this is something that won't be fixed in X Pro now that XI is out, so the only choice seems to be either upgrade to XI or change to PDF Converter.

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          My guess is that you are using AA X with version 10.0.0 and are on a 64-bit machine. Be sure to update AA X to work in that case. As far as OFFICE 2013, it just came out and Adobe will likely not be making any updates to be compatible with OFFICE 2013 if needed. There effort there would be compatibility for AA XI which is the current version. This type of problem is always an issue when you upgrade only some software. In fact, the official release of OFFICE 2013 was only 2 days ago. Adobe and other software companies rarely spend a lot of time on beta versions for compatibility. The beta is often quite a bit different from the final release, so even if they make it compatible for AA X it will probably be a while. In the meantime, just print to the Adobe PDF printer or use the MS plugin for creating PDFs (typically that has other issues because MS does not like to adhere to standards -- sloppy I guess).

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            gdborek Level 1

            Guess again.  I'm using 10.1.5, 32 bit on a 32 bit win 7 machine.  Nuance PDF Creator works.  Acrobat PDF Maker does not.  Apparently Nuance figurd it out.

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              Bill@VT Level 7

              But does Nuance just create a PDF or do the operations of PDF Maker. You can always print to the Adobe PDF printer to create a PDF, but PDF Maker adds a lot of functionality. I have no idea what Nuance PDF Creator does. For the price it may be a better solution for you. PDF Maker is not just a way to create PDFs, but adds bookmarks, links, and much more. If Nuance can do that, then go for it.

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                gdborek Level 1

                The issue isn't what or what not Nuance does.  The issue is that a competing product is not disabled.  If Nuance could figure it out during the development stage and testing period of office 2013, then certainly Adobe could have as well.  Adobe apparently did not care to do so. 


                That tells us a lot about their corporate culture and marketing philosophy.


                Prhaps someone from Adobe could tell us if Adobe is working on the issue and will fix it, even at this late date, or whether their only answer will be "you need to buy Acrobat XI - when we get that to work."

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                  Bill@VT Level 7

                  But if you can print to the Adobe PDF printer from WORD and the same result is obtained with Nuance, then Adobe has not failed. The basic creation of a PDF from any product with Acrobat is to print to the Adobe PDF printer. PDF Maker is there to offer additional options, including links and such. Those options often require more details to work properly with a product like WORD. If you just want a PDF from WORD, then why buy anything else since the MS plugin (or maybe it is standard now) will create the PDF. So PDF Maker is not the basic mechanism for creating PDFs, printing to the Adobe PDF printer is. Again, unless Nuance is able to add the additional functionality that PDF Maker does, then your comparison of Nuance does it and Acrobat does not is not a valid comparison. If Nuance adds those other features then you have a valid point (and again, I do not know what Nuance can do).


                  Acrobat is not a cheap product, but a lot of the cost goes into the extras that Acrobat offers and most other programs do not. Looking at the Nuance site, it does look like a nice product and supposedly interacts with WORD well. So without knowing more about Nuance, I can not give a fair comparison.


                  Usually there is a fair delay on Adobe fixing issues like you have mentioned. For the prior version they typically try to fix such things. When you start going back 2 or more versions, most of the fixes are for security updates and nothing more. In the meantime, you will have to wait to see if one of the staff comes in with a response. It might also be worth putting a post in the desired features sub-forum; though this is not really a feature, but something that needs repair.

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                    sdd5151 Level 1

                    The pdfmaker add-in has the great advantage in Firefox and in Outlook that it preserves links embedded in the document so that they appear as clickable links in the pdf.


                    It therefore would have been nice if Adobe had acted to have a fix ready by the time Office 2013/365 was released.


                    But there is a simple work-around to produce a pdf of an outlook email with the links preserved in the same way that the pdfmaker would do it.


                    Drag the email from outlook to the desktop so that its icon appears on the desktop (as the envelope icon for an outlook email). Right click on it, and choose "Convert to Adobe PDF" from the context menu.


                    It is less convenient and a little less versatile than having the pdf maker addin work in Outlook, but it does the job.

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                      vgstudio Level 1

                      Actually dragging out to the desktop and right clicking to convert to adobe pdf does not preserve the attachments embedded in the email.


                      Anybody else have any feedback yet or other ideas?

                      Thanks in advance.

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                        sdd5151 Level 1

                        The method I previously suggested does not do as well as I thought in keeping url links intact, which is true also of the Adobe PDF printer. I did find a different workaround that produces the pdfs from Outlook 2013 with one click, with urls retained - but not attachmenets. It takes some work to implement.


                        It is to use the free VBA script available as "saveaspdf" at http://www.howto-outlook.com/howto/saveaspdf.htm. The macro invisibly uses Word 2013 to produce the pdf of the Outlook 2013 item, and it keeps all the url links intact in doing so. The instructions at that site include installing an icon on the quick access ribbon so you can simply click and get a pdf. To use this, you should not need any version of Acrobat installed at all!


                        A key thing you might miss is to be sure to add in Microsoft Word 15.0 (i.e. Word 2013) Macros to the list of "references" for the VBA script, using the Tools options. (The instructions are for Word 14 -- it works fine with Word 15)


                        Also, find the SelfCert.exe file (typically somewhere in the Word 15.0 directories) to create a self-signed certificate, so you can then sign the VBA macro you create following the instructions. You may have to at first turn off macro checking for signed certificates in the security options accessible in Outlook to run the macro and see that it works correctly -- SelfCert.exe does not result in the certificate being immediately recognized as trusted. But when you restore the security settings, and maybe reboot, opening outlook 2013 will sooner or later give  a warning asking you if you should trust the signer of the certificate created, and then click "yes" to have it make you a "trusted publisher" and the VBA script should thenceforth run with normal security settings.

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                          vgstudio Level 1

                          Thanks sdd5151, I did get the macro to work, but as you say it does not include attachments.    I also couldn't get it to work as a digitally signed macro.  I had to enable all macros to get it to work, oh and it only does one email message at a time.  Guess I'm going to have to pay out and upgrade to Acrobat 11...sigh.

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                            sdd5151 Level 1

                            I also had a lot of trouble getting Outlook to finally display its warning that there was an unauthorized macro (which it identified as my own ) and ask whether to trust it anyway. But it did do that after a few tries.


                            Did you make sure the macro was still signed? -- the procedure of going to Tools in the VBA editor and signing it with your self-signed certificate has to be repeated if you make even the slightest change in the VBA script.


                            Also the whole thing has to be saved and outlook 2013 closed and reopened, with its security settings back on, and the VBA script signed, to get the warning and the option to trust your macro.


                            The settings in Options/Trust Center/Macro Settings should have a check mark next to  "Notifications for digitally signed macros - all other macros disabled" and everything else on that set of options unchecked.


                            Once you authorize yourself as a trusted publisher by checking yes to the security warning, you should be able to go to Options/Trust Center/Trusted Publishers and see your security certificate listed.


                            You can see which security certificate is in which location using Internet Explorer/Internet Options/Content/Certificates as well --- a copy of your certificate should be in Trusted Publishers as well as in the Personal folder. I don't know if you can export the certificate and then save a copy in the trusted publisher location, because I  didn't try that.


                            Other options than the VBA script are the pay for "Save As PDF" fancy plugin that is referred to somewhere in those instructions. It looks like it does everything including saving attachments, but it costs a good part of what an acrobat 11 upgrade would cost.


                            Another alternative is to look for a cheap copy of Nuance PDF Create 8.0 on Amazon Marketplace. I actually bought one for eight dollars, but I discovered that it didn't preserve the url links in the pdf made from outlook. It did look like it handles attachments however, so that solution might work for you.


                            But after all that, I finally just bought the Acrobat 11 upgrade myself because of the other claimed new features and the fact that I use Acrobat a lot. I still have the VBA script installed though.

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                              Jey_Gru Level 2

                              Support for Office 2013 was first added with AA XI 11.0.1 update check this: http://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/ReleaseNotes/11/11.0.01.html

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                                jonhp0001 Level 1

                                This really doesn't help Acrobat X users now does it? And not everyone wants to go to XI. And Adobe continues to make X available....

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                                  ted_loefenhotlz Level 1

                                  Before upgrading to Office365 with the latest versions (2013) of Excel, Outlook and Word, we routinely created PDF portfolios from email messages in Outlook 2003 with Adobe Acrobat X. The best part about this was that the email file attachments were preserved in the PDF portfolio so it was a convenient way to create an email archive out of Outlook.  Then we upgraded from Office to Office365.  We quickly learned that the Acrobat X plugin would not run in the latest versions of the Microsoft Office programs.  After some grumbling, we upgraded to Acrobat XI. Since the 2007 versions of Excel, Outlook, Word (and probably the rest of the Office suite programs) as well as a myriad other programs include the ability to natively create PDF (and/or XPS) files via the Save As or Export functions, most don't really need a PDF creator/publisher (such as Adobe Acrobat or Nuance Power PDF) anymore.  Of course, you can also check out the Automatic Archival feature through the plugin to setup a schedule to automatically archive your email messages daily (or some other period you want) if you wish. We elect to archive based on projects instead.


                                  So, what's the problem?  The problem is that even after an extended session with Adobe technical support, we confirmed that it will not save JPG (JPEG) files that are included in emails as attachments.  I can't figure out why it would matter what the file type was.  A file is a file as far as it is concerned.  It should not even matter if the host machine can recognize/open it.  It seems to work for most every other file type except JPG.  It seems to work fine for the mainstream DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, XLSX file types and probably most others.  The value in Acrobat is the ability to archive email messages while maintaining any file attachments.  You can also add file attachments to emails in a PDF portfolio archive manually, after the fact.  This is great for adding supporting documentation files.  While the JPG files will not stay attached during the archival process as they should, it is possible to add them manually.  The Adobe tech told me I had to create a PDF of the JPG files and attach that PDF but that is not true.  Until they fix this bug, the work around is to save the JPG file(s) to a locally accessible location (say, your Desktop or a Temp folder).  Create/append your email(s) to a PDF.  Then when the PDF creation is done, manually add the file attachments from your temporary location.  Be sure you are on the correct email in your PDF archive before attaching the file(s).  One problem with this work around is that your email will no longer include the line in the message under the Subject line showing "Attachments:" and list them with hyperlinks to the file(s) attached.  So the email message has been modified from the original and is not a true archive.  Hopefully, they will get it together and fix this annoying bug.  Otherwise, it is very hard to justify the expense for the Adobe product.

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                                    Thanks for supplying the information that neither Outlook  2013 nor Adobe bother to provide. I've just spent one hour and ten minutes installing, re-installing, Acrobat X Pro and Outlook  2013 only to discover that the programs won't work! Unf----ing  believable.

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                                      Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                      Absolutely untrue! Adobe stopped marketing Acrobat 10 when Acrobat 11 was released!


                                                - Dov

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                                        zortman Level 1

                                        I have Outlook 365 installed in Windows 8.1 - updated.  I have Acrobat X1 and just installed the latest update and then I "repaired" the Acrobat installation and then rebooted Windows.  I then opened Outlook 365 and verfied that I had installed the latest update.  I have.


                                        I then started Outlook 365 and verified that the PDFMaker plugin was installed and showed as an active plug-in within Outlook.  It was not disabled.  No everything works.


                                        Why did I do this? Because today I suddenly could not find PDFMaker in Outlook, although the plugin was installed.


                                        But, by reinstalling and using the latest software, PDFMaker does work in Outlook 365.  So, Dov, you are correct - and ntlesq, te Acrobat XI.

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                                          AMEC999 Level 1

                                          I am using Office 2013 and have Adobe Pro 9 on my machine. With previous versions of Office the PDF Creator would work from the Add-In. Not so with Excel or Word 2013. My work around is simple. Go to File, Options, Quick Access Tool Bar. Select 'All Commands' and scroll down to 'Publish as PDF or XPS' and add it to your QA tool bar. When in a document click the icon and it will ask you to name and Publish the file and also open it in AA.

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                                            gazzatopman Level 1


                                            Will Adobe be making an revisions or changes to allow the "convert outlook email" to pdf button to work with Adobe Pro v10 and Outlook 2013?

                                            Best Regards

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                                              atifi92211673 Level 1

                                              Wrong. Adobe abandoned Acrobat X users with the released of version XI and not stopped making it, as the software is made only once and it is on its release date.

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                                                gustaglez Level 1

                                                I don't know if this help, but this is what i did.


                                                > Open notepad and create a new file with extension .reg

                                                > copy and paste

                                                Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

                                                [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\PDFMaker.OfficeAd din]
                                                "FriendlyName"="Acrobat PDFMaker Office COM Addin"
                                                "Description"="Acrobat PDFMaker Office COM Addin"

                                                > save it on your desktop and then execute it.

                                                NOTE: I have windows 7 x64 bits and office 2013 32bits

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                                                  clive_sle Level 1

                                                  So is this issue dead now? Has it been determined that Adobe will no longer support Acrobat X with it's PDFMaker add-in?


                                                  I'm having trouble getting it to work with both office 2013 + Acrobat X updated to the latest version.  Looking at the compatibility list, it is still not compatible.


                                                  Compatible web browsers and PDFMaker applications

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                                                    Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                    To directly answer your question, yes, this is a dead issue.


                                                    Office 2013 (aka Office 365) was released long after Acrobat 10 was released. It was released while Acrobat 11 was current and thus Acrobat 11.0.1 is the first version of Acrobat to support Office 2013. Each version of Office has its own quirks that Adobe has to adjust for with out plug-ins.


                                                    In general, Adobe's policy is that once a new version of an application such as Acrobat is released, new features and support for new application versions (such as new versions of Office) are only added to the new version. We do continue to provide fixes for severe anomalies and security issues for the two previous releases of Acrobat, but no new features.




                                                          - Dov

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                                                      clive_sle Level 1

                                                      Thank you for your response Dov.


                                                      One last thing before this is officially dead, do you happen to know if the "Combine compatible files in Acrobat..." from the right click context-menu in Windows is handled by PDFMaker? I'm running into an issue where it used to not open each document before converting and now it does with Office 2013.  I assume it was part of the add-in incompatibilities.


                                                      If it is, I'll leave this as dead. If it isn't, I will start a new post.




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                                                        Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                        When “combine files” is accessing any Microsoft Office document format, yes, it depends on the combination of Acrobat, Microsoft Office, and PDFMaker to create PDF for combining.


                                                                   - Dov

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                                                          JonGott1960 Level 1

                                                          When I go to:



                                                          I don't have a folder named: PDFMaker.OfficeAddin

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                                                            MikeLieberman Level 1

                                                            Well Dov, I have just read this thread now. I was looking because the upgrade to Windows 10 crashed my system and in rebuilding it, while I was able to reinstall Pro X, I was only able to reinstall Office 2013 and not the legacy Office 2010 that had remained on my system until the crash. I looked to upgrade, but for $200 to get to a version that while it will work with Word 2013, doesn't do anything more that I actually need, it was too expensive. And so I will spend less than have that on a different companies product that will work. While in some ways I get what Adobe is doing, it other ways, no, I don't. I don't need or want the 'new features' of Pro XI. I really don't need all the features of Pro X any more. With no cost sensitive way forward, I bail-out to your competition, for half the price, and wish you well.