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    Image Placed into InDesign CS6 appears reversed/missing

    callisto9 Level 1

      I am using InDesign CS6 on Windows 7, 64-bit.


      I have worked in InDesign off and on for the past three years and have never experienced this problem before. I have always placed images into InDesign with no problem and now I have this *one* image that won't place correctly, after placing two images in the same fashion.


      The original image (JPEG) was opened in Photoshop CS6. I removed the background. Changed to CMYK. Saved as .TIFF, preserved as transparency. Then placed in InDesign.


      It either shows up "Reversed", like this (no transparency when saving as a TIFF in Photoshop first):



      Or just kinda outlined, like this (saving as a TIFF with a transparency in Photoshop first):



      I can't see the image. It prints this way, too.


      I've tried other images, they are all fine. I always place TIFFs with no problem, so I'm really stumped here.


      I've tried placing as a .PSD, .EPS and .TIFF and nothing works. The two other images to the left of the weird one were placed in the same way with no problems.


      Any ideas?