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    Special 3D rotation effect


      How can I make an effect like in this video at 54s and 2:28 ???




      Thank You

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          How do you do this?  Lots of Go Pros, that's how!  


          They probably used about 20-30 for each of those shots you referenced; all things considered, a Go Pro is pretty cheap.  Maybe not for you, but the people who made the video didn't have any problems getting them.  The producers were sponsored by Go Pro, and guess what:  the Go Pro people can put their hands on oodles of Go Pros!


          First, put all your Go Pros in a row, carefully spaced. Rehearsals are necessary, and you need a lot of patience to get the shot framed properly from camera to camera.  Then hit record on all the cameras get the shot on each one... and end up with many clips, one for each camera.


          Then you sync all the clips, pick a nice spot on the first clip in the row, then in succession, take one frame each from the other Go Pros in the row, and continue the shot with last camera in the row.


          Sorry, but there isn't any neato After Effects voodoo in this one.  This is all about using a boatload of cameras in a clever way to create an interesting effect.  Plus good ol' solid video editing.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm responding from my phone so I can't look up the links but, If you look for aftereffects bullet time tutorials you should find examples of how to do this.


            You can get away with as little as two cameras if you plan your shot correctly. I have done this with four cameras quite effectively. It's just a matter of picking your angles doing a little masking and some clever transitions.


            The way they did this kind of thing in the movie the matrix was to line up dozens of cameras set on a rail.



            http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-qKyxOaVdQqg/Ts56vcRvXkI/AAAAAAAAABQ/WxDNLtyEwhQ/s1600/1999_Gaeta %252BWachowski-Bros_The-Matrix_bullet-time_1999.jpg