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    Workflow for building Photo book Page in Photoshop & Lightroom


      I am working on publishing a Photo Book using MyPublisher and will be laying out each page in Photoshop rather than using their templates.


      I need advice on the best workflow for accomplishing this task--here are some details:


      1. Images are Imported to Lightroom, are Flagged, and adjusted with Develop settings (Cropping, Basic Panel, Paintbrush etc.)


      2. I do add some capture sharepening to the image in Lightroom (not much).


      3. Use the EDIT IN Photoshop CS6 with 1 or more images from Lightroom as SMART OBJECTS.


      4. In Photoshop, I am changing the Image Size (sometimes upsizing for full page spreads) and resolution (everything goes to 300 DPI).


      5. Doing more intense Creative Sharpening for each image.


      6. I am using a variety of custom actions to layout pages with 1, 2, or 3 images plus text. I create a new document that is sized for the entire page (11.08 x 14.08 @ 300dpi for Deluxe Hardcover). I fill the background page with a custom pattern simulating textured paper and then layout the images for either a Left or Right Hand page.


      7. Saving page as a Photoshop File and re-importing into Lightroom


      8. Publishing the Photoshop Files as JPEGS with Medium Sharpening for Glossy Paper


      9. Importing the JPEG of the Page into My Publisher as a single image the sive of the entire page.