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    Webtrends Analytics with RoboHelp

    Douglas_Campbell Level 1

      Our company has been using a FrameMaker to WebWorks workflow with Webtrends for analytics for some years. We are now migrating to a FM>RH workflow. I have been unable to find much information regarding the integration of analytics with RH and wondered if anyone can give me some insight or point me to resources. My questions are:


      1. I tried placing the Webtrends js snippet in the HTML view of RH, but it disappears when I compile an output. Where and  how can I place a snippet to monitor analytics?


      2. My bigger concern, after I get past a working concept, is how to manage this globally in all of our documentation, both the Help systems implemented natively in RH and the FM collateral we are linking to RH. I had done some research into both Master Pages and Snippets thinking there might be some solution there, but neither seem to offer what I'm really looking for in terms of being able to update all the pages globally with any changes that might occur to the tracking code. Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself with these two ideas, because I'm not sure either are appropriate for inserting the code.



      Thanks in advance,