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    No import PDF from LiveCycle?

    Wildau Level 1

      Hi there!


      I used to build my forms with Acrobat, then found LiveCycle was more functional for creating large numbers of multi-page branded forms.  It's much more flexible when forms need to be changed or updated.


      More recently, I have found that Acrobat is crashing whenever I try to edit my Acrobat-made forms.  My LiveCycle forms are the only ones that remain editable.  I've started remaking all my Acrobat forms with LiveCycle, as I have been unable to find a fix or customer support for Acrobat X.


      I had hoped to start using FormsCentral since I can see that PDF forms are obsolete, and eventually all our office's forms need to function as online forms.


      Now I find that FormsCentral doesn't allow you to import existing PDFs that were built with LiveCycle/XFA.


      Is this really true?


      Those of us who bought into LiveCycle, learned it, and started using it for all our forms are left out in the cold when it comes to Adobe's solutions for getting our forms online?


      Say it ain't so,


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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's true. Although you're having problems with Acrobat at the moment, it's not true that Acroforms are obsolete, and in fact have broader support than XFA forms, on mobile devices in particular.

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            Wildau Level 1

            Hi George!


            Thank you for responding so kindly!  Perhaps I was getting an extreme impression from the Adobe tech support- I meant that I wasn't finding tech/customer support for Acrobat. Your responses have been the only useful input I've gotten so far.


            And I really love LiveCycle!  It's so elegant for building large numbers of similar forms, and the dynamic capabilities mean that you can create a very complex form that still maintains a simple, easy to follow user experience.  I'm devastated that mobile devices don't support that kind of functionality.


            By obsolete, though, I mean that it seems clear that the future is online, and creating a PDF file to send around the office and to customers is not the most efficient way for me to assist in data collection for my company, so I need to get back up on the learning curve.


            It looks as though LiveCycle has its own set of solutions for getting online, though, and I don't even know how to begin to compare the features available for LC with the feature set of Formscentral. I'll be looking over the documentation for both in an attempt to learn more.


            Thank you for your help with the Acrobat forms, by the way.  I'll be reporting back results!