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    Incorporate game originally developed using Flash platform into an InDesign DPS app

    Kim Tuapawa

      Hi,  I am wanting to incorporate a game that was originally developed using the Flash platform and which can be published as a different type of file that hopefully can be incorporated into an InDesign DPS app.  I am not wishing to incorporate swf into an iOS device, rather, take an AS3 game originally developed using the Flash platform, publish this game file as something else, and then incorporate it into an InDesign DPS app so that the game can be accessed from the DPS app and viewed on an iOS device. 


      I have received suggestions such as "why don't you recreate your game in Edge Animate" - well, doing so is not appropriate, because Edge currently only supports simple animations, not complex game environments (like Flash does).  I want an iPad user to be able to play the game and have essentially the same gameplay experience (using touch) as they would playing the swf on a desktop using a mouse or keyboard.


      Are there any expert Flash game developers (who have found a way to move their games into a DPS app) out there that can provide advice (more than 2 lines).  Very much appreciate it, thanks Kim


      p.s. I am well aware that iOS does not support swf files, this post isn't about that. I have also been advised that DPS does not support AIR (?), please clarify if this is wrong.