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    Tab Index AS 3.0

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      I'm working on my first form in AS 3.0 and I have to say that I must not be grasping this whole display list thing 100%. Every help or tutorial that is out there is for starting with blank documents and adding stuff to containers. What about design? What happened to making a design and then animating it? I don't get it.

      I have a popup window that is used for login. It's already on the stage with a movie clip inside it that contains input fields. How can they use the tabIndex?

      Everything I've seen creates fields dynamically and then adds the child to a container, in order for it to work. I could do that but I don't know how to link my submit button from the library to be added to the container as well... Please help...Thanks,

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          I don't think you need TextInput... but what exactly is not working? I just
          did a little test and tabIndex appears to work fine in AS3... are you
          certain your fields are set to type input?

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            C-Rock Level 2
            I have a movie clip three clips deep and on it's timeline if I put usernameTxt.tabIndex = 1; and so on it doesn't work.

            If I place it on the root timeline or in my document class and use the proper path to the input boxes it doesn't work either. And when I add borderColor = 0xff0000 to any of them in either place I get an error like I'm missing the include...

            Also if I leave it in automatic tabbing mode, not placing any tabIndex statements, I doesn't cycle backwards and it doesn't highlight the box text upon gaining focus like it used to. Say you missed typed your username and you've already tabbed to the password box, if you shift tab the username box contents should highlight, they don't....