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    Delete Mouse Events in Edge



      i have a problem with an animation in Edge Animate.

      I try to animate a button which spins 45° on mouse over and back on mouse out. So far no problem.

      Now i want the button to spin 90° when i click on it and let it stay on this position. I made it spin the 90° but it always spins back on mouse out because the event is still there.

      Is there any possibility to delet the mouse out event or pause it after clicking on the button. I already tried remove it but without any sucess.


      It would be awsome if someone can help me out.






      P.S.: I'm sorry if my english is not the best. I tried my best to make clear what i mean.

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          drsqueegee Level 1

          If I understand you right, then this is very simple. click on the action icon beside your button in the edge elements panel ({}). This will open a window showing all the actions you have created for this element, such as mouseover, mouseout, click etc... Click the tab you want to eliminate the action for (in this case the mouseout tab). Now you click the - sign and your mouseout event is gone.

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            RobinKaboth Level 1

            I wish it would be this easy...

            I don't want just to remove the mouse out action as itself. It should stop acting after I clicked on the button. I already found a solution but got a nother problem instead.

            To controll the mouseover and mouseout i used "if" and said it should only run if the timeline is under 500 milliseconds (thats where the click animation starts)

            Now this works fine and I thought I'm a happy camper but here is the other problem.


            When I click on the button it spins 90° and stays on this position. When I now click on an other button the first button should spin back to 0° and the mouseover and mouseout should be active again. I made it to spin back when I click on an other button but than it's frozen and doesn't react on mouseover or out...


            Any ideas?

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              deldesign Level 2
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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Hi, Robin-


                Instead of thinking of deleting the event, you might want to consider state management.  A section of a post I made last year might help you in figuring out how to turn on and off sections of code:




                Look underneath the section that begins with "The Second Animation."


                Hope that helps!



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                  ShayneL42 Level 1

                  None of these answers actually solve the original problem. I've developed a workaround that should solve this.


                  The key is to create a new symbol that contains the click event animation (in this case a rotation of 90 degrees). Place it on the stage in exactly the position of your original symbol and then hide it by creating a compositionReady event on the stage and then writing sym.$("nameofsymbol").hide();.


                  Then create an action on the original button that hides the original symbol with the rollover states and shows the new symbol with the click animation and telling it to play.


                  Hope this works for you.