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    Long document - Master Page Synchronization - Unwanted Updates

    corinne w.

      Just started as a novice in long document features, but since years I'm a CS5 user managing Master Pages.


      My problem: when I move just something on my Style Source Master Page and then I synchronize it with the other book files the change will be applied to the pages in the same document but on the other book files the whole Master Page from the Style Source is applied on all places where I worked !!

      So I have superposed Text boxes and Frames. Horrible. It's like a "Apply Master to pages" instead of only moving my 2 things through 600 pages !


      Before making the book I was working in one big document. Now I split it in several chapters keeping the same Master Page and Master Page Name.


      Thanks for all help for understanding better or if there is no choice I have either to clean up manually all my 600 pages (horrible) or I have to work on each Master Page on each book file or by loading the changed Master Page in each book file.

      But it seems me not the promise of a Master Page !


      When I put no text in the dummy text boxes and no color in the Frame on the Style Source Master Page then all 600 pages are free of duplicated texts, the empty Master Page boxes are behind my worked text. It will be more difficult to start working on a new page without dummy text and without color.

      But will be this the solution ?? Is there no mater for High end output printing when two boxes are one on the other ?


      Many thanks for all good ideas how to manage the issue it best over 600 pages.