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    Opening images via Bridge to photoshop CS6




      We are  teaching 3 young 8 year olds Dreamweaver CS6 and Photoshop CS6 (recent installations). We are going fine with Dreamweaver but then we needed to learn how to manipulate images. In particular make new logos for the site and create images for uplaoding from the camera.


      We are new to photoshop CS6 but wouldn't expect the issues we are getting right now.


      We can't open jpegs completely. We get a transparent background or just a part image. Must be something we are doing wrong I guess. It looks fine in Bridge but really isn't loading well in Photoshop.


      Here is where you can see about the laptop we are using : http://brianmellady.com/system.html


      Here is a screendump of the issue: http://brianmellady.com/screendump.htm


      By the way this is a site http://brianmellady.com which we are using dreamweaver for. We have made a members login page which appears to be working but as you can see unfortunately we badly need to create a logo and make some images for their site which isn't created yet. If I can keep them from games and from Minecraft then we will make progress


      It needs to be ready soon so that I can get a domain for them and host it on my Dad's servers.




      Kristina & Brian