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    "Camera Angles" for Cartoon Animation. (Scene Setup)


      I'm having trouble understanding how to setup the illusion of 'Camera Angles' for a cartoon animation.


      I'm new to After Effects obviously but I understand how compositions 'for my purposes' would be used as a type of scene setup and to change a scene, simply change the composition. Sometimes however you just need to change the view of the scene, aka changing the 'camera angle'.


      Pretend there are two characters talking in a cartoon animation. While one is talking the camera is facing him and when the other begins to speak I need the view to change to show the new person speaking. How would I go about setting that up in After Effects? I haven't seen a clear tutorial on how to do this short of creating different comps but if I have the vantage point shifting back and forth 10 times during the same conversation surely I don't need 10 different compositions?


      Any insight into how to properly achieve this would be incredibly appreciated.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have to do the same thing in after effects that you do when you are cutting a movie. You cut.


          If you want a new angle and you're using 2-D layers, just set an out point for one layer and an in point for the other.


          If you are working with 3-D layers and a camera, you can split the camera layer at the point want to cut. After affects always renders with the top camera.  You could also stick with a single camera and just use a hold keyframes to change position instantly.


          This is really basic editing stuff. Make sure you go through the getting started materials referenced on the home page of this forum.


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            TheHound84 Level 1

            I don't see how to make multiple 'cuts' though. I see that you can trim a layer in it's timeline and begin another layer in AE using brackets or clicking and dragging but then how do I go back. And more importantly how do I go back and forth and back and forth multiple times.


            In a video editor I'd have all my layers arranged for 1 'view' and then all my layers arranged for the second view. All I'd have to do it copy both groups and stack them back to back to have the video continue to popping from one to the other as the conversation flowed. It doesn't seem to work like that in After Effects. I don't see a way to copy the bar of a layer on the time line and simply have 2

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You're looking for the functionality of a video editing program. After Effects does not work like that. Now, what you could do is have each angle in its own precomp and then keyframe the opacity of the precomps (I'd suggest using hold keyframes).

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                TheHound84 Level 1

                That seems to be the answer I was looking for unless there is some better way. Basically pre-comps for all of my eyes and hands and mouths and then another pre-comp for the entire view point of the scene. Pre-comps withen pre-comps.


                I appreciate it, thanks for the help.