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    Trying to import PP1.5 project into CS6 on Mac

    New veteran

      Working on some 2 minute product videos in PP1.5 because I had it on our PC at work.  The project crashes at random points on export and always during editing if I scrub the video too often.  I am trying to export with huffuv or lagarith and then ffmpeg convert to suitable size/formats for the web. 


      I have tried a number of things to help it export.  Sometimes it works but not always.  Anyway,  it is difficult to finish the edits because I can't view it in Premiere (long enough to finish) and can't export it conveniently (It does export using Cinepak codec but the quality is not good enough and it takes about an 1 hour/2min of video). 


      I have installed CS6 on my Mac, thinking the project files "are just XML or whatever" and should be compatible.  But no.  No project import and no sequence import.



      Is there anything I can do to get the project into CS6??  I am even willing to edit the project file.