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    Kuler Creator - Try it!

    thecolorcat Level 1
      I am so glad I found Chad Udell's new softwarecalled Kuler Creator. It imports a Kuler theme and generates beautiful circular patterns that are astonishingly artistic. It really knocks my socks off because I have been wishing someone would come up with an interface like this.

      Here is an example: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2218/2027298154_36a09ff352_o.jpg

      The link is found at http://visualrinse.com/kulercreator/ and a current post about it is featured on Chad's "Visual Rinse" blog. I encourage you follow the link and see what it can do.

      For instance, this morning I found one of my themes called "Kiss and Makeup". I input the tag "cosmo girl" and it generated lovely artwork based on that theme.

      The main thing to understand is that Kuler Creator searches for a key field in the database that it can attach to. That key field is not the name of a theme. It will be a tag from a theme. And many tags are common to many themes.

      The upshot is that if you want to create an image from one of your own themes, go back and enter a very unique tag name. That way Kuler Creator can find it. Otherwise if you enter "blue" it is going to go to the first theme with "blue" as a tag.

      On more thing to remember is that Chad has attached a creative commons license to his software. His request is that any images generated from that software also have the same creative commons license attached. The license he chose states that the source must be attributed, no commercial use is allowed and it must be shared and shared alike. Although I would love to copyright the work I am doing, I still find that generous considering this is a way in which I can actually show off my themes as more than a pallet.

      Designers, imagine sitting down with a client and showing them your kuler theme as a beautiful piece of artwork. Post a series of images to Flickr and direct them there for a demo of how well the colors blend. Or, you can just send them the link and a unique tag so they can enter it and watch the show. This is wonderful! My first thought on this software was how it demonstrates the way colors like each other as a theme. A great tool for web and interior designers.

      Please look at my offerings on my flickr account at: http://flickr.com/photos/starlitweb to see how beautiful this artwork can be. I have images based on other kuler artist's pallets as well as my own. I believe this falls under the Kuler guidelines of making your themes available for designers, so I see no conflict in using any theme out there or for anyone to use one of my own. The caveat is that I would not claim to be the author of anyone else's work - an indeed I give full credit to any Kuler artist whose theme I use.


      the color cat

      PS I forgot to mention that the only way to capture the work is to do a "print screen" of the image. Then you can paste it into Photoshop and save it.