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    Video clips get shortened after interpreting footage


      After selecting "interpreting footage" in after effects  after importing my video clip (the clip shows 24.999 fps)  i change it to 25fps and it starts working. It took me a while to figure out why my clips werent matching with my seperate audio, there was missing clips. My footages i import are 30 minutes and after i interpret my footage,  it gets shortened to 22 minutes. It's kind of urgent that i resolve this...it's pretty annoying though. I am using Windows 7 and AE 5.5, thanks for your help.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Could be perfectly normal. It would be about 1 minute shorter in any case after your adjustment and depending which quantization is used this could be even more. If this is a problem in any way, then simply leave your original interpretation and rather stretch your clips on the timeline to match the rest...



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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            What kind of footage is this, anyway? 

            What's the media container? 

            What's the codec? 

            What kind of camera was used to shoot this?

            What was the frame rate at which you shot?

            What was the original process you used to get the footage into your computer?

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              dang.10 Level 1

              Mylenium, it isn't normal, and if i don't interpret the footage and leave it alone an error continuously pops up, After Effects Error: Overflow Converting Ratio Denominators (17:18), and wouldn't allow me to do anything with it. I really couldn't find anything online so i am using Sony Vegas now, I already wasted my time trying to resolve this so I am starting my projects in there. Sorry about replying late, but since this wasnt resolved and i had a Due Date i couldn't misuse my time online so that is why i started using Vegas. Thanks anyways.

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                dang.10 Level 1

                Dave, the footage i was working on was a lecture video several minutes long.
                I don't know, most of the settings were left alone. I don't know what or where the media container is as well as the Codec.
                Sony camcorder which the files are .MTS (AVCHD) and i was converting them to just be able to open them in AE.The camcorder automatically at 29.97 but the error footage would be at 24.997 (something weird like that) and i would have to interpret it to 25 just to be able to work on it.
                I always take the footage from the camcorder and drag it into my slave drive (after connecting it using a USB Port, this is done because my camcorder has an internal HDD) I place the files into organized folders and from there i open them in any software I am using.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If you change the frame rate from what it is (what it was shot at) to something different in file interpretation the length of the footage in hours minutes and seconds will change. It has to. The number of frames won't change, but the length of the video will. There's no way around that.


                  The same thing happens with audio. If the sample rate is changed and the audio is not re-interpreted then the length of the audio changes.


                  If your audio and video do not match then one of them is wrong. It's probably the video. If your camera shoots at 29.97 but you think it's shooting at 23.976 then the camera is adding 3:2 pulldown to try and make the video look more like film and approximate what shooting at 24 fps would look like. In either case, interpreting the footage as 25 fps would be wrong.


                  Give is a screenshot of the footage preview in the Project panel or send us the footage info from properties. We can probably figure out what is going on because we should be able to see what kind of footage it is and what is supposed to be. The only way your footage would be close to 25fps is if the camera was set to record in PAL format.

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                    Having the same issue. I had to adjust my frame rate from 30.11 to 30.10 to accommodate the import error in AE and my clip shortened from 25 minutes to 18 (of course the content i need is at the end of the clip). Of the many oddities, this happens when importing the footage directly or from Premier. I've created a comp that's the correct length, drug the clip in and tried to drag it to the proper length.


                    Incredibly frustrated with paying for a suite of products that do no meet my needs. Has Sony Vegas had any of these issues?