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    how do you edit sound in multicam (cs5)


      Hi all,


      I always see people raving about multi cam editing for wedding speeches but on the 10 or so occasions Ive given it a try I just give up instantly due to the fact that I feel so limited in what I can do with the audio.


      I would use it for wedding speeches where I have 8 or 9 audio tracks, editing in 5.1 and I need to stop parts of the track distorting occasionally or removing sections of sound, boosting quiet parts etc (as the dynamics effect with limiter ticked and set to -1dB only seems to quieten down the rest of the audio from that point onwards if it severely needs to kick in), however as soon as you enable multi cam and start editing, your audio appears flattened into one track.


      Please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I KNOW it must be possible but I just cant work out how.