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    [BUG] Split() and replace() issues with U+0000

    Marc Autret Level 4

      Hi everyone,


      • I just posted an article about String.prototype.split() malfunction in ExtendScript CS4 when the source string contains one or more NUL character. A patch is provided. Feel free to make your own observations and/or report a bug.

      http://www.indiscripts.com/post/2013/01/making-string-split-support-u0000-in-extendscript- cs4


      • Meanwhile, String.prototype.replace() happens to have a similar ***** in the armor, and it looks like all ExtendScript engines are then affected:


      var s = "A\x00B\x00C";
      alert( s.replace('A','Z').toSource() );
      // => (new String("Z\x00\x00B\x00"))  !
      alert( s.replace('B','Z').toSource() );
      // => (new String("A\x00Z\x00\x00"))  !
      alert( s.replace('\x00',' ').toSource() );
      // => (new String(" A\x00B\x00C"))    !