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    Logo placement




      have a project and in the bottom lh corner I want to place a logo to stay there all the time.


      I created the logo in illustrator and exported it as a png with a transparent backgroud,


      When I import into premiere the background is black??


      When I add it to the time line in video 2 the concept works apart from the log is placed dead centre.


      What step have I missed





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          Hello Ian,

          1. When in the project bin it usually shows with a black backgroung.

          2. You now need to move it to its place. Use the effects controls>motion for it.

          You may need to scale it too.

          Hope this helps.


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            shooternz Level 6

            The black BG is the alpha channel.  ie transparent.


            Same as a Title you create in Premiere.  They automatically have alpha channels.


            Same for a psd on a transparent BG . This will also show on a black bg in Premiere.


            Dan has correctly informed you how to position it.  (Select your graphic clip. "Effects Control > Motion...)


            FY: All clips have these  "Fixed Effects" attached to them that you will find in the "Effects Control Window"

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              Andrew_S Level 3

              If you need transparency, edit in Photoshop using a transparent background and then save the image as a PSD file. Then import into Premiere for an automatic transparent background.