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    My Final dvd project has white flicker ?


      Hello there,


      I've been frustrated because i cannot find solution for this particular problem. Basically what i usually do is like cutting all the raw videos and audio, put them together on EDIUS, then i've rendered them as AVI. After that i use AE to add more effect (magic bullet,etc) for the final product, and then burn it with Encore.

      The workflow is like this: EDIUS > After Effect > Encore > Final product


      This is the setting from my Raw project from After Effect:


      - 1280 x 720 HD 25P


      - Render as Quicktime mov

      - Use photo JPEG as compressor


      The Quictime mov is fine, it is quite big but it is fine, and it is HD.


      Then i've opened my mov file to Encore, it said it had to be transcoded ( i usually leave them as automatic setting ).

      However, the DVD is finished from burning, and i tested it and it has flicker ! like a white flash, how can this be?


      Any suggestion would help