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    Action Sequence change to state

    Sinan_13 Level 1



      I am searching for a command to put in an action sequence that does like "change state to". Is something like this possible. After clicking the action sequence should be startet and triggering different actions. After ending the sequence you should directly go to an other state. I could not find how to do that.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          It has been a while since I used Flash Catalyst, but I don't think you can define that property from the Action Sequence. I think you will have to take your project into Flash Builder and rewrite the code that defines your action sequence.


          Good luck.



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            Sinan_13 Level 1



            thanks for your fast answer I just saw it. My problem is that I just have a very basical knowledge of scripting and Flash Builder is just about scripting, wright?


            Is there any forum or person left who can help me with flash catalyst?


            I post a link here to my site. I am sorry it takes about 2 minutes to load because it is actually 10MB! big. I will try to make it smaller in the end but that is a whole other problem.

            This is my Testsite



            I have so many problems with this project and I really need someone to help me, please. Most of my questions should be very easy for professionals.

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              Eugene Goncharov



              When editing an action sequence, if you select a component on the canvas that has more than 1 state, you can add the "Set Component State" action to it. Unfortunately, this will not let you edit a state of a component outside of the current component.

              As a workaround to this, you could create a short 1 second video clip in something like Premier or After Effects, and import it into your Flash Catalyst project. You can then trigger its playback from within the action sequence. (it doesn't need to appear on your canvas, you can just keep it hidden somewhere, and trigger it when the time is right).


              You can then assign that clip an "On Playback Complete" interaction which DOES let you target other components in your project.


              Hope that helps.

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                Sinan_13 Level 1

                Thanks a lot. I needed this workaround and will try it instandly!