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    Quiz Selections Not Showing

    SueKL Level 1

      I'm creating a quiz in Adobe Presenter 8. I've successfully created several quizzes in the past the same way I'm creating them now. For this course, after I add the question and publish, none of my quiz choices show up, only the question. This not only happends for multiple choice but for short answer. Haven't tried other quiz question types yet.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Thank you.

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          VikramGaur Adobe Employee



          Welcome to Adobe Forums.


          Which OS do you have (Windows 7 or Windows XP) ?


          Which version of MS Office are you using ?


          Does it happen with a specific presentation or will all presentation ?


          Please check the exact version of Adobe Presenter 8 (Help -> About Adobe Presenter)




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            SueKL Level 1


            After trying to delete just the questions and redoing them, I ended up deleting the entire quiz and starting over. It seemed to work after this.


            Just FYI, I'm using Pressenter 8, Build 227. It just happened for the first time when I posted. Hopefully it will continue to work.


            Thanks for your response.