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    Adobe Connect Crashes During Adobe Presenter Upload


      Windows 7/Adobe Connect 9/Adobe Presenter 7.07 Build 7754/PowerPoint 2007


      Adobe Presenter technical support tells me it's an Adobe Connect problem because I can pubish inside Presenter without a problem.  This makes sense to me.


      Connect support has been no help at all.  I have been on phone more than three times.  Twice I was told my issue would be 'escalated' to the next tier of support.  I have yet to be contacted after more than a week.  When I called tech support back to ask about status I asked the person to please read the end of my case notes first.  He didn't , dragged me through his first level support questions when I kept saying we've been through it three times, and finally said, "Oh yes, it looks like we need to escalate your case."  I asked when I'd be contacted and he said he couldn't tell me.


      I have uploaded numerous PowerPoint presentations with quizes over the last few years without a problem.  The problem seems to have started when I got a new computer with Windows 7 (old was XP Pro).  The error I get is either the classic Internet Explorer 'page cannot be found' error or it the presentation gets to Connect but with the stock Request Not Processed.


      Here's what I've done to troubleshoot:

      • Tried same process using using Firefox and Chrome and still get the errors
      • Created one single powerPoint page without any formatting - a title slide with 'Text' in both fields and this works
      • Tried an unformated (text only) full PowerPoint presentation without the quiz and it gets the Request Not Processed error
      • I did not try quiz only for seemingly obvious reasons


      Your thoughts will be duely appreciated!!!  TIA!!!  The training I develop is essential to our quality standards.