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    Automatic figure numbering by chapter in one story

    stephiesmith Level 1

      This seems like it should be such a simple thing to do so I must be missing something basic. The help topics I've found discuss a book which has individual documents for the chapters. My book file, which I'll be exporting to EPUB using ID CS6, has two stories -- front matter as one story, the chapters combined as another. The captions are in-line text in the chapters story. I want Chapter 1 figures to be numbered 1-1, 1-2 and Chapter 5 figures to be numbered 5-1, 5-2. Etc. Instead I get 1-1 through 1-40 regardless of what chapter the figures are in.


      The chapters are set up as a Chapter-Title paragraph style using a List Number style called ChapterNumbers set up as ^# - "My text". The chapters show up correctly as numbered 1 thru 8.

      The captions are in-line text set up as a Caption paragraph style that uses a List Number style called FigureNumbers set up as Figure ^H -^#.  "My caption text".  The H gives me a 1 no matter what chapter I'm in, but I've replaced the H with # and with 1, changed level numbers for the paragraph styles from 1 to 2, checked and unchecked the Restart numbering for both styles, etc. I can either get 1-18 or 18-18 as a figure number.


      I'm thinking the problem lies with ID not knowing what chapter a figure is in. If this is the case, how do I tie my Chapter-Title paragraph together with that ^H Chapter Number attribute selection? I will add that I actually broke all these into separate chapters and did a book of documents, synced, etc., and still had this problem, so I went back to the single document since I prefer working with small books that way.






      Message was edited by: stephiesmith It occurs to me that I may have to break up the single story into separate stories? Still in one document but each chapter in its own text frame?