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    Resize text frame throughout book?


      Hello folks.


      I have an A5 document of about 80 pages that has one text frame.  I want to drag-resize the text frame, but when I do it only resizes the text frame of the particular page I did the rezise on.  How can I do this so that the text frame is resized throughout the document universally?


      Thanks you.

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          Hey Hightime! Did you create your document using masters? An easy way to fix up your document would be to create a master page from one of your page layouts. You can copy the layout and paste in place (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+V) into a new master page. Then apply that master to your pages, if your pages are not already using that master. You might have to paste your existing text into the master's text box though...

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            Mary Baum

            The way it's supposed to work is that resizing the text frame on the master page should resize the ones on the pages. But I've found in practice that if I've touched the one on any of the pages, that won't necessarily work. It may be that the pages where you haven't manually resized the text frame will auto-resize the one on the doc page, and that you can use the command Apply Master to Page on the others without getting a new, empty master text frame.


            The moral of the story, I suppose, is to do all your text-frame massaging in the master pages, and not fool around with them in the doc pages.


            And I've only been an ID user for 12 years ...

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              Hightime7898 Level 1

              I've only been using ID for a few months lol, hence my ignorance.  I've tried resizing the text frame in the master page before but it never worked throughout the document so I was thinking maybe there was another way.  It's early days in this document, only started yesterday, so I suppose I could start from scratch and try to create a master page text frame and see if that works?

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                Hightime7898 Level 1

                I didn't create it using a master page!  I'm such a beginner.  I only started the document yesterday, placed text from Word into ID and started.  Starting again is not a problem since I've hardly done anthing yet. 

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                  Mary Baum Level 1

                  Here's something I started in Quark 27 years ago and brought over with me to InDesign. Start every document by defining your style sheets, and name them the same things, with the same key commands, every time. For years I naturally followed print conventions - heads, subs, text and so on. Just recently I made a huge shift and have started naming my style sheets in ID after html tags - just to keep things consistent. Especially now that we have web type, I think it's going to help me keep things more consistent across a brand. So now text is p, the biggest headline is h1 and so on.


                  And, just as you would - assuming you work at all on the web - in a CSS doc, although I've always done this, the first style I define is p, based on basic pragraph, which I suppose stands in for the body tag.

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                    amil021 Level 1

                    It's ok this is how your going to develop your skills!!


                    If its not too much work to start over, create a new document ans start by building your layout in your master pages, then whenever you need a new page, the layout will be already there for you to start using. You'll notice that the components will be "locked" on your page when you add a new page from you Masters. You can unlock it by typing Ctrl+Shift+mouse click. When importing text from Word use Ctrl+D to place it into your document. It will import it into inDesign and you can click it directly into your text box (without ulocking it).


                    If you want the text to flow through you whole document, click on the little red box at the left-bottom of that text box and press down Alt, go to your next pages and keep clicking on the following text boxes (always pressing down on Alt).


                    I hope this helps and all makes sense!!

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                      Hightime7898 Level 1

                      Many thanks.  I'll try to follow what you said and be more careful when starting a document, and give those master pages more attention.


                      Thank you.

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                        jmlevy Adobe Community Professional

                        Even if you did not create the text frames on the master pages, you can modify the size of the text frames through the whole document. The condition is that your text frames are aligned on the margins. Select the masterpage in the page panel, then, go to the page menu > margins and columns. Check the “Enable layout adjustment” checkbox, and modify the margins values.

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                          Hightime7898 Level 1

                          There you go.  Thanks for that.  Problem sorted. Thanks to all the other posters too.