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    moving from MXML(swf) to another

      Good Day,

      I'm analyzing porrting an application from Visual Basic to Flex. The VB application has 11 forms. I do not want to have all 11 forms in one MXML (swf) file - I want to keep it 'kind of' like it is.

      However, I cannot find where I can jump from one swf to another swf. I've poured over the manuals - they say it can be done. It's a simple thing I cannot find in the docs.

      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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          You can use navigateToUrl to move to another page.

          However you will lose the state as you move from one swf to the other. since the swf will reinitialize as you move around.

          11 forms is not alot in Flex and you are better off using a view stack to navigate between forms. It will be faster and you will be able to maintain state.