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    Fireworks CS6 will not open

    Missteach Community Member

      FW Error.jpg


      Everytime I try to open Fireworks CS6 (latest version of Master Collection and all updated), it refuses to run and a small pop up dialogue opens to say: An internal error occured. The pop up message cannot be removed. Each time I click it, it simply returns and I have to CTRL ALT DEL to shut down Fireworks.


      Any ideas folks?

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          Missteach Community Member

          I've just tried a reinstall from the Master Collection discs but I still get the same error. Who do I contact to sort this out?

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            Missteach Community Member

            I'm guessing nobody from adobe and in particular Fireworks looks at these forums. So, what's the point of them? Fireworks CS6 still refuses to open.

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              groove25 Community Member

              You're right. There's a lack of input from Adobe on this forum. There's also a shortage of input/help from the community as a whole. (Except for a few individuals, people tend to show up, ask their question, and then leave, or else someone starts a rant against Adobe and then everybody else piles on; the latter tend to be the lengthiest threads with the most views.)


              That said, this is a user forum, intended primarily for people with specific questions about the software—how to use a feature, how to accomplish a specific task, etc. Your issue is a bit more in the domain of technical support. (As a Mac user who's not experienced this problem, I have little idea how to help here; reinstalling Fireworks was a good idea on your part, and it's a bit surprising that it didn't work.)


              There are other Adobe forums available:




              If someone on the "Downloading, Installing, Setting Up" forum kicks your question back to this forum, just post again and make it clear that it's an installation issue, not a Fireworks application/user issue. Otherwise, contacting Adobe's customer support/technical support would be recommended. As always, Google is your friend here; try searching terms like "Fireworks CS6 installation internal error occurred Windows" and variations like that, to see if you can find a posted solution to this problem somewhere.


              Also look for pages like this one: http://helpx.adobe.com/fireworks/kb/fireworks-cs6-known-issues.html

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                Try remove preferences folder of fireworks.

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                  Missteach Community Member

                  Thanks for the help folks - but, sadly, none of it works.


                  I tried the adobe Chat thing last week and was offered the solution of deleting a specific registry key and a folder. However, that didn't work either.

                  I was also offered the chance to allow Adobe to take over my system remotely and fix it. That's fine but I've replied YES to this TWICE on the support chat thread. But I've had no further reply.

                  Clearly Adobe are aware of the problem because they originally sent me a 'secret' link to a page that isn't available easily. Certainly, I've never seen it before and couldn't SAVE it. It opens in a separate window with no save controls etc.


                  So, it seems I'm stuck with a version of Fireworks CS6 that will never work again!

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                    I ran into the same problem. I found this http://www.interactivewebs.com/blog/index.php/general-tips/adobe-fireworks-cs5-cannot-clos e-an-internal-error-occurred/ for nearly the same problem on CS5 version... I followed the steps described and they worked..

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                      am also facing similar problem and i tried so many ays to fix it and still am unable to sort out the problem. Please some one respond help us the solve this problem.



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                        Have you tried validating your fonts? I ran into this solution which may be helpful. I haven't tried it myself. Good luck and have fun!



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                          zo_ee_20 Community Member

                          I just tried it and it didnt worked also am on xp pro sp3.plz some one help me.

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                            For me the Fireworks stopped when it got to "Intializing Tab Windows", then a crashed and  displayed "Could not complete your request. an error occurred" and would never load. Basically dead. I couldn't use it at all. My whole workfow came to a stand still.Fireworks-Error.jpg



                            Just before this happened, I was trying a new feature from within Dreamweaver. While inside Dreamweaver, I could double-click an image file and it opened in my Fireworks to be edited. I thought . . . Wow, this is really cool. I edited that image and closed it and continued on my work. Since then, that "Connection" between applications has become permanent. Fireworks "THINKS" it is still connected to Dreamweaver. Later Fireworks would NOT open/load at. I would always get the above error.


                            PARTIAL SOLUTION

                            BTW: I had to do this twice, because the first time, I missed a file somewhere.


                            I had to completely uninstall all ADOBE applications. I mean everything! I had CS3 & CS4 and Adobe Readers on my system.


                            Since I'm on the mac, I went through the "Application Support" both user and system and the "Preferences" for both user and system and deleted everything that had either "adobe" or "macromedia" in it. There was also a file in the "Launch Agent & Daemons".


                            I emptied the trash and did a power off restart. Then I reinstalled CS6. Now Fireworks at least loads and I can use it again, but it still isn't the same.



                            Fireworks and Dreamweaver are still "Connected". It won't save an existing PNG file as itself, it displays an error, "That file is open in another application", which is NOT true. I have to use the "Save As" option, and use the Finder to rename that file. I also notice an extra file labeled ex:0000056 which looks like the file I tried to save.


                            So at least I can use my Fireworks again although it is irritating. I don't know how to "CUT" the connection between applications. Uninstalling & reinstalling did NOT reset this, the only option left would be a backup, wipe and fresh install of my entire laptop. I just don't have time to do that right now. Hope that helps someone else.


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                              This is something I found (regarding CS5) but it worked for CS6: http://errordetail.com/779/adobe-fireworks-cs6-internal-error-occurred
                              I hope it helps you too.

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                                works fine for a friend on cs6.. we just did it