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    Why InDesign so slow when I add an alternate layout?


      I have a 100 page InDesign file that is about 28 mb. Edits are fast and easy.


      I needed an alternate layout and once that was added the file size went to about 33 mb. Now editing has become VERY SLOW. For example, I double-click a 5 letter word, and then type a new 5 letter word it takes 50 seconds for the new word to appear (one character appears every 10 seconds!). During this time the pointer cursor goes away so nothing else can be done.


      To confirm the issue, when I deleted the alternate layout, the file was once again easy to update with my edits appearing immediatly as before.


      There 62 linked and embedded graphics, mostly screen shots. Does embedding slow things down? If so, why only when alternate layout is added?


      I have also tried editing using the Story Editor and that does work much faster but not as fast as the single layout in WYSIWUG mode.


      I am editing the file locally on a Dell Windows 7 laptop machine with 4 GB memory. I am using InDesign CS6.


      Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.