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    Working with vector graphics

    Mary Lou Frost Level 1

      I have a student who has created pixel based graphics in another software application.  Since they are not vector graphics they can't be enlarged.  Is there a way to open them in Elements and convert them to vector graphics?


      If he starts designing in Elements, what is an optimum file size in which to create new designs?  If they are vector graphics, does it matter what size they start as?  Will he get better enlargements if they begin larger to start?


      What format must one use in saving vector graphics so they remain vectors and don't become pixel based?


      Any tutorials or articles that you can send me to, would be appreciated.


      Mary Lou

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          I guess it is not possible to convert from pixel graphic to vector graphic in elements. Although you can create some of vector graphics in elements using shape tool. Your optimum file size will depend upon where you want to use the image.The vector graphic will remain preserved if you save the image in PSD or TIFF formats.