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    Making poster image in video player


      Hello! I need to do poster image (after clicking) change to video. I've tried:


      mps = new MediaPlayerSprite();

      mps.resource = new URLResource(POSTER_URL);


                                                        function(e:MouseEvent): void


           mps.resource = new URLResource(VIDEO_URL);




      or manually


      var video:MediaElement = mps.mediaFactory.createMediaElement(new URLResource(media_url));



      mps.media = null;

      mps.media = video; // these bad line causes error


      and got windows error that stopped flash-application (with no exception in flashdevelop). May be if MediaPlayer loads MediaElement there is no way to change it. I don't want to use SerialElement or other image-loading-implementation (with common Loader-class). How can I do it?