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    Tabs (.zxp?) HELP!!

    Lovenote Creative

      Hi there!


      I was working on an InDesign file and all of a sudden, my Cmd-T brought up a corrupted tab settings bar. I tried rebooting the software, rebooting the computer, starting from a fresh reboot and new document - and nothing changed.


      So, I went into Adobe Extension Manager CS5.5 and uninstalled the Index and Tabs extention (puzzle piece). I reopen InDesign and the tab settings bar has disappeared. I'm assuming I deleted it. Now, I can't for the life of me figure out how to bring it back. I have found, in my Library/Application Support/Adobe/InDesign/Version 7.5/en_US/Extensions/REMOVED folder, this file: idcs5_5_Indents and Tabs.zxp - so I tried to install it using Extension Manager and I get this error:


      The directory 'Macintosh HD:Applications:Adobe InDesign:CS5.5:plug-ins:Text:Indents and Tabs.InDesignPlugin is busy. Please close the application which is using this directory and try again. I click Retry and the box just pops back up.


      I'm lost. How do I get my tab settings bar back? I really need to get this project done, and can't work on it without being able to set tabs!


      Thanks in advance.

      - Julie