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    Unable to update to CS6 11.0.2 on 2009 (White) MacBooks

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      I'm teaching an After Effects class at a local university, and this semester mutliple students have run into an issue where we are unable to update the application to the latest version. The update was precipitated by an error where the students were unable to render a RAM Preview (Recieving the "... requires 2 or more frames to render a preview", issue).


      Found that this issue was addressed earlier last year, but the installer downloaded from Adobe is still the initial release. A thread here also lists additional fixes that should be addressed. http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2012/10/after-effects-cs6-11-0-2-update-bug-fixes-and- added-gpus-for-ray-traced-3d-renderer.html


      Several students in the class have a new 2011/12 model MacBookPro and were sucessful in update, using the Help -> Update method. All of the students with 2009, white, MacBooks received an error message "Update Failed"... stating it was due to some administrative privelages issue. This should not be the case because all students are admins on their machines, and they successfully installed the trial and serialize the app for the class.


      These MacBooks are still all running 10.6.8. We are unsure if it's the OS, the hardware, or a combination of the two.


      Has anyone encountered a similar situation?


      Is there an updated installer that incorporates the 11.0.2?