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    GoPro Hero2 Import and Export Performance Requirements


      Hi Everyone,


      I know that there have been a lot of discussions already about the GoPro footage and the settings required for import and export. I have looked through most of them and not really found exactly what I am looking for.


      I have footage recorded with the GoPro HD Hero2 Camera in 720p at 60fps and I have tested a few of the import sequences when importing the footage and when I do a straight render and export (no additional editing whatsoever) the exported video (using the "match sequence settings" attribute), is still not exactly as sharp as the original clip.


      I have a few questions:


      1. Is this to be expected? - If not, please help!


      2. Is there a best recommended import sequence setting for 720p@60fps GoPro footage? Likewise, is there a best export setting when using this "best recommended" import setting, or should I just stick with "Match sequence settings"?


      3. Are there going to be sequence settings available for download from Adobe for the GoPro cameras any time soon?


      4. Does the performance of your computer impact the quality of the render/export from Premiere Pro? I have a windows 7, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 5200RPM HD (I know... haha) - I figured that the hard drive will slow down the process of rendering and exporting but should not impact the quality. Am I mistaken? NOTE: I have also changed the render optimize settings to be for memory to try make things faster. And also *tried* changing the locations of the scratch disks to be on an external HD - Seemed to make no difference. If the HD is really the problem I will just purchase an external SSH and hook it into the machine when video editing.



      Any help here is greately appreciated. Even links to other discussions where this has already been answered!


      Thanks again!