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    3d Render


      Hi All,


      New to After Effects  so please be gentle .


      I have worked with various Adobe products (mainly Photoshop and Illustrator), but have recently signed up to Creative Cloud and decided to try and branch out, and have ago at After Effects as this has interested me for some time now.


      I have also recently (last year) update my system.  I now have After Effects CS6 with the latest update


      However after installing I read that to be able to use the Ray-tracer 3D renderer you need a Nvidia CUDA capable GPU.


      Is this a must?


      My system is:

      Intel Core i7 Extreme 3960X with 15Mb Cache

      Sabertooth X79 Motherboard

      32Gb Kingston Quad-DDR3 RAM

      ATI 3GB HD7970 GPU

      480 Gb Intel SSD

      240Gb Intel SSD


      Running Windows 7 64-bit


      Do I really need an Nivida card to use the ray tracer 3d renderer or will my spec PC and ATI card  work?


      Any advice/help would be most welcome.