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    Shockwave Loader Frozen while loading


      Hi all.

      Im really lost with this issue, if somebody have expertise about this please, help will be appreciated.

      In some servers (usually Corporate -not all-) Shockwave / Shockwave 3D, movies appear "statics" while loading. What i mean: Progress bar  keep on 0%, all time, and finally when movie is fully loaded,  jump to 100%. So the user dont know how much loading will late (fatal), and download process  is invisible to him. The same shockwave movies works fine in many other web servers. Im sure its a server issue. I test with standard progress bar, lingo based, etc. in all cases, the same happened. So ... Corporate Antivirus?, Server Cache? No Streaming support? . Really dont know what to recommend to webmasters about server config to make my movies work fine.


      Tks in advance!!