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    Is Premiere Pro right for me?


      I'm finally taking the plunge and wish to create videos for use on my own company website and also for clients. Is premiere pro the right choice for me? My videos don't need to have spectacular effects but I'm looking into Adobe first because the end result has to look professional. Am I in the right forum for this question?

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          You sound like the perfect prospective customer for Adobe products ! Good Question !

          And welcome to the forums. I'm sure the Adobe police dept will direct you to the correct forum to get the best answer. Meantime, if you could put a link to your website and samples of what you wish to have as a product, and some info about what you plan to use for source material ( what camera etc ) that would probably help whittle it down to some subjective opinions I am chomping at the bit to share with you !



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            Thanks for the reply able


            I've got a Sony Cyber Shot for short video clips and as I envision it right now most of my videos will be marketing pieces for my own use and on behalf of clients. I'd like to have videos explaining my own products which are marketing programs so obviously i'm quite sure I can get the message across in video sooo much quicker and with greater concentration than text. I plan to use short clips of myself with screenshots and slides

            My website is www.earlyoftennow.com


            Sort of figured the Adobe folks or someone like yourself might come along to direct me.


            Thanks for your interest

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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Install a trial and find out.