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    How do you remove mounted volumes from showing in CS6 InDesign?

    Mr. Puddles

      I am encountering an issue since we migrated shares from an X-Serve to a Windows server 2008. A user in InDesign no longer has access to a certain share but that shared volume is still showing up as a mounted volume. InDesign still sees the folder and does not show it as a broken link making it difficutl to tell if the user is linked to the correct images.




      This is no a specific instance to only one user but multiple users.The Finder Can't go there - says he doesn't have rights. The folder at the root of the IMD folde (for instance) at the root of the main folder shows red locked badges when you dont have rights, and thats how the users see it. He can't navigate in there at all but in Adobe InDesign, if he clicks on the linked file stored there and says reveal in finder it takes him into that folder. Something the finder cant do on its own. The users do not have rights to those locations and should not.

      Thank you