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    A virus that affects...  After Effects CS6?

    lou4uandme Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      Although I read online that others had the same issue as me, I couldn't find any solution.

      please see  post # 15   http://forums.adobe.com/thread/630006   POST # 15



      After I restarted my pc,

      After effects cs6 is staying that "I have more than 1 copy of plugins and to remove one of them".


      Now, I know this is a normal message from adobe, however, I know it's not true because:


      1. I have NO extra copies of plugins.

      2. AE is saying I have a copy of EVERY SINGLE plugin installed. (around 300 )

      3. I removed ALL plugins until AE could ***** about duplicates.


      Once I removed all of them, I got  " TRACKER _REGISITER:MISSING SUITE "

      "AE can not  continue"


      Has anyone experienced this before?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'd run the AE cleaner tool, remove the Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/After Effects CS6 directory completely, then re-install and re-install your plug-in's.


          You shouldn't go about removing plug-ins from their folders and expect things to work. All it takes is deleting one and you can get the error message you are seeing.


          It's very unlikely that a virus caused your problem. It could have been a host of other things. It only takes one duplicate hiding somewhere in an alias or installed in the wrong directory to foul things up. If you've got 300 additional plug-ins then it's not surprising that something got broke during an update or an install especially if your plug-ins were not installed with an installer.