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    smooth edges on aliased depth matte render

    stephenh44161733 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I wonder if there is a filter in after effects that can apply anti-aliasing to edges?

      I'm using Red Giant Psunami and the depth matte renders have aliased edges which are a slightly noticeable when I apply a lens blur to get depth of field.


      When I've had similar issues in the past with passes rendered from 3ds max, I've rendered my passes at double size then shrink them again in afx and it looks better.

      but I'm already working at huge resolution (final project maybe 4 x HD)


      thanks in advance


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is there a reason your final project is 4 times as big as HD? Are you going for IMAX output?


          If you want a higher rez depth matte from Psunami apply the effect to a larger layer in a larger comp.

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            stephenh44161733 Level 1

            Hi Rick,

            thanks for reply.

            Its 4 or possibly 5 HD projectors linked together for a wide video wall. I suppose the AV guys will use something like Dataton Watchout for playback.

            So 9600 x 1080 pixel canvas for master comp. this will then be output in 1920x1080 sections. Also it may need to be rendered at 60fps.


            I'll do some tests to see if Psunami can work at double this scale. If not or if its taking too long to render I'll look for alternatives.

            I'm using after effects cs5

            Maybe there is an alternative to Lens Blur that will give smother results?


            I'm also testing settings in psunami to see if I can refine the mesh to get less aliased results

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Pretty much any third-party lens blur effect will handle this better than AE's built in one... The problem is not the antialiasing, the problem is that AE's effect doesn't do proper depth overlap and has severe issues with harsh contrasts. That's why it looks mostly iffy if you go beyond certain values...



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                stephenh44161733 Level 1

                Hi Mylenium,

                thanks for reply. yes you're right Lens Blur doesn't seem to like strong contrasts. I also realised that my original depth pass had been rendered against black so the horizon which is rendered white was particularly bad when Lens Blur applied.

                So when I render the depth matte with a white background so  the horizon and background just merge, and then apply a very slight blur to this depth pass and also turn down the amount of Lens Blur a bit, the results are much better. If I then apply a little bit of Real Smart Motion Blur, I think it will work


                thanks again