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    Search doesn't work in generated WebHelp


      I am using RoboHelp10 as part of TCS4.


      If I generate Microsoft HTML Help, the .chm file produced has perfect search capability. However, if I generate WebHelp, no matter what I search for, nothing is found. (Obviously I'm searching for words which I know exist. Even a search for "the" results in the usual "No topics found".)


      I don't think it should matter at all, given that HTML Help has a working search, but my project has been created from DITA using DITA2Go. I then import the .hhp file into RoboHelp and generate. The reason for going through DITA2Go rather than processing my ditamap directly in RoboHelp is that the .xml files contain context-sensitive help elements which are ignored by RoboHelp when processing the ditamap. Everything works great with this method except that search isn't working.


      I would be very grateful for any suggestions about what could be going wrong here.


      Thank you in advance!


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          hthomastw2012 Level 1

          Well, I guess I'll reply to let everyone know that this has not been resolved, but I have found a different and better methodology. I have been able to import my ditamap directly into RoboHelp which uses the DITA Open Toolkit in the background. The reason I didn't do that before was that I needed access to my context-sensitive help elements. I have since discovered that I can create an alias text file myself instead of relying on DITA2Go to create it for me. It's a pain to create, but once it's done I can reuse it everytime I import my ditamap into RH by copying it into the project folder. I can then continue using RH as usual and the CSH works from our application.


          So in summary - I don't know why search wasn't created before. However, if you want CSH using DITA and RH, there is another option.