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    using classes inside of classes

      I have created a custom sound class called MySoundClass that extends the Sound class... it is declared as class com.stickyMatters.WineGlassPiano.MySoundClass. I also have another class called SongPlayer that is declared as com.stickyMatters.WineGlassPaino.SongPlayer... my question is.. how do i use the MySoundClass inside of the SongPlayer class... when I try to import it says I cannot use the import statement inside of a class file. I know in AS3 you can use the package keyword to create packages and do that... but as far as I can see there is no package keyword in AS2... because I tried, and it just tells me htere is a syntax error on the line with the package declaration... can you use one custom class inside another? and if so... how?

      P.S. just to be sure... i am using flash CS3 and writing AS2 files. Thanks!