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    Space before

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      In the attached screenshot, why is it that there is not the same amount of space between the bottom of the subheads named "Sub-Feature" and "More Stuff (they have blue paragraph rules on them) and the paragraphs after them as there is between the top of them and the paragraphs before them?


      Decreasing the leading btwn the empty paragraph lines after the subhead and the next lines (the ones with text) corrects it but still wondering why it is happening to begin with.


      Why is space before not working?



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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Why is space before not working?


          I don't see anything in your screenshot to suggest that you've got Space Before applied to any of those paragraphs. What's more, the whole point of Space Before/After is to preclude the use of empty paragraphs to produce space between popluated paragraphs. If you're using styles, I'd speculate that the empty paragraph before the subhead has the body text style applied, and the one after it has the subhead style applied...and their size/leading settings differ. The same is likely true if you're not using styles...it's just manual formatting instead of style-applied.