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    Flash Player script: abort script message


      When I use a specific website forex.com to work with currency charting, I get a stall and lockup on my iMac. My computer is the latest, greatest, and forex CS used to tell me it was my Power PC iMac causing the lockup, and that I should update to an Intel-based compter, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, these youngsters were working on tomorrow's chemistry final exam notes in the background . . . that aside, what is causing this lockup?


      I'm not a programmer or IT specialist, so common language will suffice. I get this message ONLY on their site, and only when using these charting functions, which are graphs and moving average graphs, etc.


      A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly. If it continues to run,

      your computer may become unresponsive.


      Do you want to abort the script?


      My Adobe Flash Player updates automatically. It is on 11.5 currently.


      There is no provision on OS 10.8.2 to clear a Java cache, it is done automatically as well. The forex CS guy tried that excuse with me too. It never worked out the problem. This problem with lockup has happened on other computers as well


      ibook G4 from 2006


      iMac G5 from 2006


      It seems to not matter what generation my computer is, or what version of Adobe Player I am using. I think it is a programming glitch on their end, or is it a problem with using Flash Player?