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    loading components 1 by 1 [passing value from 1st component to other]

      Hi all,

      can anyone tell that how to load component one after one.
      In my application I have created components and placed in another component. when i load the page each component is loading the data Asyncronesly. But i want to load 1st component 1st and then set value to other components from 1st component.

      In 1st component i am filling dropdown and setting property in that component after setting the property i want to pass that value to other components and based on that property i set the corresponding data should be populated in ohter component. how can i achieve this.

      like in second component i am filling tje datagrid items based on selected value from the dropdown in 1st component..

      I just want to pass the property which i set in 1st component to other components and load the other components after the 1st component is loaded completely with data..

      reply asap